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Precision Molds, Injection Systems, Applications Laboratory and Automation.


Precision Molds

For more than 30 years we have been developing precision molds forelastomer processing, suitable for every injection molding machine.
Expertise gained in the field and applied to the field.


Injection Systems

Our cold runners allow you to save not only material and cycle time,
but also to increase your productivity. Our wide range of products
enables us to develop and produce the appropriate injection system
for almost every production system.


Technical Center

Materials and new systems are tested in our own test center, where we look forward to welcome you as a guest and jointly working on solution concepts tailored to your needs.



We automate your injection molding related work processes.
Together with our molds and injection systems it is an unbeatable
team in efficiency.


The Result of our work

Is more than a Precision Mold. Our know how is part of your project. We are highly flexible and we are strongly connected with injection molding machine manufacturers.

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Range of services

  • All
  • Precision molds
  • Injection Systems
  • Service
  • Automatisation
Molds for Rubber PartsFor sophisticated process engineering production systems, such as the fully automatic production of molded rubber parts. (more…)
Molds for vibration control Parts

Four injection molds are equipped with a highly effective vacuum system. (more…)

Prototype Molds

We develop and produce near-series prototype molds with very short delivery time. We implement your product ideas quickly (more…)

Closed Cold Runner

The elastomer runners are bored in a block for closed cold runners. The sturdy design and well balanced flow paths are characteristic of our products. These are flow-optimized, in other words we use deflectors (more…)

Separable Cold Runner

Our separable cold runners provide you with a natural balancing. Your mixture and identical flow paths in each cavity. You are also able to carry out a fast 100-percent change of mixture. (more…)

Demolding Systems

Our demolding equipment allows easy, reliable, fast removal of your injection molded parts. Runner demolding systems: Reliable removal of sprues in case of using  hot runner or standard cold runners for injection. (more…)

Cold Runner AddonWe plan and build your Cold Runner individual. So we are able to customise your production process tailored to your needs.   The Addons are available for both distributor systems. (more…)
Multi Nozzle

Multi nozzle systems are used to significantly reduce the distance between nozzles. This is particularly advisable for small parts with low shot volumes and sealing elements.

Loading Board

Simple, reliable, fast insertion of your inserted parts. Resulting in an even quality of all injection-molded parts.


Development & Construction

We operate a state-of-the-art design and development department together with technical center.


Process Engineering

Our state-of-the-art technical center is run by very experienced process engineers. You can reduce the cost factor and the workforce in product manufacturing. We will advise you in detail (more…)

Repair & Service

To complete our service we offer you constant preventive maintenance and repairs.




Because it works!

Our customer loyalty is the proof of our concept. We take high order of your production.


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